If you're ready to reserve a slot on my calendar to update your premade or to purchase a print/audiobook cover, just choose the one you want below, select a date on the calendar, and submit the form. Premade updates are included for free in the price of a J. L. Wilson Designs premade. (You need to purchase a premade from here before scheduling a premade update here.) Print covers and other add-ons will be paid for during your booking, with my default contract sent to you afterwards for you to sign.

IMPORTANT: Calendar slots can be reserved for any available dates in the next three month period, but be sure to select a specific time on the calendar. (This time is irrelevant. There isn't a meeting/video chat that will happen at that time on that date, but if you don't select a time, the software will not allow you to move through the rest of the booking process.)

If you're looking to book a custom cover, a build your own premade, or a character portrait, you want to go here instead.