Commercial Merchandise License Add-On


Purchasing this license permits you to create or sell merchandise (e.g. t-shirts, notebooks, mugs) with purchased J. L. Wilson Designs art (e.g. character art, a final cover or the textless image of a final cover if this is also purchased) on them.

Please note that if a cover uses stock photos, extended licenses for each stock photo must also be purchased to use the cover for commercial merchandise in addition to the commercial merchandise license add-on listed here. The vast majority of my covers don't use stock photos for this reason, but if there is a note on the premade cover product page in the J. L. Wilson Designs Shop or if you request stock photos in a custom cover or character part, be aware of this extra cost. If you want to sell merchandise with art that incorporates stock photos, read the relevant FAQ here and then contact me. Sometimes I can replace the stock photo easily with my own work to help you avoid the extra stock photo extended license cost.

This add-on requires an art purchase (either a cover, character portrait, or commissioned art). Otherwise there's no art to purchase a commercial merchandise license for. ; )


Note: There is no commercial merchandise license add-on questionnaire. This will be dealt with when we create the design you want to purchase a commercial merchandise license add-on for.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that all purchases are final, so if you have questions about whether I can do something you want for a particular service, be sure to send me a message here before you purchase.